How to Participate

Draw Your WA

Put your community on the map with our community mapping tool.

Tell the Commissioners about the boundaries of your Community of Interest or comment on the existing Legislative and Congressional Districts with our community mapping tool.

Communities of Interest are used to help stakeholders understand local interests in preserving areas within a district. A Community of Interest can be a subdivision, a city, a neighborhood or any geographic area defined and submitted for consideration.

There are currently three ways for you to use our online mapping tool:

Submit Your Map

The Washington State Redistricting Commission is pleased to unveil phase one of its online mapping tool. The tool allows for the public to draw congressional and legislative districts using the most accurate population estimates available. Phase one of the tool will continue until official 2020 Census Bureau population data is available in late-August. The commission is releasing the tool now with population estimates so that the public can familiarize themselves with the tool and better see population trends across our state.

The commission welcomes map submissions using the population estimates. Since the population and demographic data available are estimates, the commission recommends submitting the final version of your drafted maps once official census data is released.

Refer to the user guide below and check our Mapping FAQ page.

Define Your Community of Interest

Draw map boundaries, including street names and significant locations that make your community whole. Consider landmarks and gathering places your community uses. For example: does your community have a park you use together? A grange hall? Social service outreach center? Community Center? Shopping area? School? Religious space? Work with other community members to identify these places together.

View the tutorial below before you begin, or click "Show Me How" in the top right corner of the mapping site if you run into questions.

Comment on the Congressional & Legislative Districts of 2010

The Redistricting Commission awaits final data from the Census Bureau on how our population grew across the state. We expect that data to arrive in mid- to late-August. Until then, the Commission is interested in your comments about the existing Congressional & Legislative boundaries.

Find Your Outreach District

The Commission will be holding special forums for each of our state's Congressional Outreach Districts to engage with you and your community. Find out when your local Outreach meetings are by locating your Congressional District.