How to Participate

Describe your Community

We want to hear about what makes your community whole.

Send the Commission your comments and insights, also called "testimony," about your community and what makes it whole. You can do this by mail, email, phone, webform, or by recording and submitting a video.

There is no wrong way to describe your community, and we invite you to consider the following, individually and with your neighbors, to prepare your community testimony.

How to Prepare Your Community Testimony

Your personal story is important, and the Commission wants to hear from you and your community members. What makes your community unique? What do you and your community members have in common? 

If you were describing your community to someone who lives elsewhere, what would you choose to tell them about? Are there long standing traditions or festivals that unite you and make you unique? Are there physical characteristics, such as waterways, processing plants, parks or forests, that contribute to your community identity? Can you describe issues that your community has come together over, such as advocating for services, for infrastructure changes, or other local challenges? 

Provide Oral Testimony, In Person, by Phone Message or by Uploading a Video

We recommend that you outline talking points for your Oral testimony to make your message clear, and view the following tip sheets.

Submit Written Testimony Online, by Email, or by Physical Mail

You can also write a story about your community and share it with the Commission. We encourage you to use data and statistics whenever possible to support your community testimonies. This could include information describing your population, including ethnicity, religious groups, education levels, graduation rates, median household income, property values, homeownership rates, language groups, voter registration rates, etc.

Find Your Outreach District

The Commission will be holding special forums for each of our state's Congressional Outreach Districts to engage with you and your community. Find out when your local Outreach meetings are by locating your Congressional District.

Share Your Testimony