How to Participate

Collaborate with your Community Members

Your Commissioners will be holding special outreach meetings for each Congressional district to engage with you about your community.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to share direct feedback with the Commission about your community in the company of other community members. Public comment registration will be open until 12pm the day before the meeting. All meetings will be held virtually, and participation is encouraged.  

Work with your neighbors and community organizations to gather and share your desired community boundaries.

Grouping people with similar traits and concerns together in one district gives them a stronger voice to have their issues addressed, which is why engaging in the redistricting process is more effective when done in a collective manner with your neighbors.

Working together can create a clear message.

Find neighbors or organizations interested in redistricting, especially those sharing your views. Create a coalition with a set of principles. Collect community impact stories.

Find out where and when your Outreach meetings are by finding your outreach district on our map.

The Commission will be holding special Outreach Meetings in your Congressional District to give special attention to your community needs in the redistricting process. Find your local Outreach District to view upcoming meetings. You are welcome to submit testimony on Commission business at regular meetings at well.

Thank you for your historic participation.

The Commission would like to sincerely thank the many thousands of residents in Washington state who took time to educate themselves and engage with the Commission over the last 10 months.

Find Your Outreach District