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The Washington State Redistricting Commission launches new website

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The Washington State Redistricting Commission launches new website

The Washington State Redistricting Commission (WSRC) has launched its newly reimagined website at is the place to go for information on the redistricting process in Washington state. The website houses information on what redistricting is, the history of redistricting in Washington, answers to frequently asked questions, and multiple ways you can submit your thoughts or comments to Commissioners for their consideration.

“We are excited to share the website with the people of Washington,” said WSRC Chairperson Sarah Augustine. “I want to encourage everyone to visit the site, learn about the redistricting process here in our state, and most importantly to take part in the process by using one of the many methods we have available for people to submit their thoughts on how their new congressional and state legislative maps should be drawn.”

In early June, the WSRC will launch a virtual mapping tool (integrated into the website) utilizing the same software the Commissioners will use to draw the new maps. For the first time ever, citizens from across the state will have the opportunity to draw and submit maps, identify communities of interest, and leave comments directly on draft maps from their computers. Commissioners will be able to access and analyze these submissions as they take on the task of drawing final maps for submission to the Legislature by November 15.  

“We are eager to share the mapping tool feature in early June,” said Augustine. “We are giving everyone in Washington access to the very tools the Commissioners have to create our new maps.”

While will make it easy to submit your comments to the Commission using text, the site also features the option to upload comments using audio or video files. Additionally, you can send in your comment in your native language, and we’ll have it translated and given to the Commission for their review

Initial outreach meetings have begun and are being held over Zoom. The website has a list of the currently scheduled meetings along with links to sign up to participate in the live meetings. If you are unsure what outreach/Congressional district you reside in, you can use the “Find Your District” tool on the website to find out.

You DO NOT need a Zoom link to simply observe/watch the meetings live or recorded. Live and recorded broadcasts of all WSRC public outreach meetings are available on TVW and YouTube. We will post the live links for these broadcasts on our website and Twitter page when they are available.