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Final Commission Approved Maps Available to the Public

Final Commission Approved Maps Available to the Public

The Washington State Redistricting Commission voted to approve their final recommendations for Legislative and Congressional Districts in Washington State. Congressional District and Legislative District maps are now available to the public. You can access the Commissioner's approved district maps here.

What happens now?

The Washington State Legislature's role for this period is governed by RCW 44.05.100:

Submission of plan to legislature—Amendment—Effect—Adoption by supreme court, when.

(2) After submission of the plan by the commission, the legislature shall have the next thirty days during any regular or special session to amend the commission's plan. If the legislature amends the commission's plan the legislature's amendment must be approved by an affirmative vote in each house of two-thirds of the members elected or appointed thereto, and may not include more than two percent of the population of any legislative or congressional district.

(3) The plan approved by the commission, with any amendment approved by the legislature, shall be final upon approval of such amendment or after expiration of the time provided for legislative amendment by subsection (2) of this section whichever occurs first, and shall constitute the districting law applicable to this state for legislative and congressional elections, beginning with the next elections held in the year ending in two.

The Legislature must adopt changes to the final approved maps by February 8, 2022.