Mapping FAQ

Can I submit a partial map? 

Your map does not need to cover the entire state. You are welcome to draw a portion of the state with a single or several districts. 

What the population estimates and how accurate are they? 

The Official of Financial Management statewide estimates of the population in 2020 is within 0.5191 percent of officially reported apportionment data from the U.S. Census Bureau. 

When is the Census Bureau data scheduled for released? 

The data is scheduled for release in mid-August. This data will then be converted to a usable form in subsequent days and weeks. 

Why are the precincts different than what my county website shows? 

The mapping tool uses precincts from 2012. The data files that display the precincts are attached to the underlying population data and so cannot be changed at this time. When the official 2020 population data from the census is made public in August, the maps will be updated with the current, 2021 precincts. 

What are they different “geographies” and what do they mean? 

There are three type of “geographies” or shapes in the tool: counties, precincts, and census blocks. Counties are large municipal areas, ranging in population from 2.2 million (King County) to 2.2 thousand (Garfield County), there are 39 in Washington. Precincts are defined areas with less than 1,500 active registered voters and is the smallest geographic level at which votes are tabulated in Washington. Census Blocks are the building blocks of the US Census. Each block may or may not contain residents. Blocks are usually bounded by geographic features, such as water or a street, or invisible boundaries, such as city limits. Census blocks are the smallest geographic area the public or Commissioners can use to draw districts. There are 195,574 census blocks in Washington State. 

Ready to start mapping?

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