Redistricting Commission Staff

Meet the 2021 Redistricting Staff

The Washington State Redistricting Commission is supported by an exceptional team of dedicated professionals. Read more about our staff and find their contact information below.

Lisa McLean

Executive Director

Executive Director Lisa C. McLean comes to the Washington State Redistricting Commission from the Office ofFinancial Management, where she served for 2.5 years as coordinator of the statewide 2020 Census outreach effort. Working with nonprofit, philanthropic, and appointed and elected leaders across the state, she led the state’s efforts to educate and build awareness about the 2020 Census—and ultimately encourage confidence, trust, and participation in the process. To this work in Washington state, McLean brings 25 years of experience managing nonpartisan grassroots political organizing projects in Africa, the Americas, Europe, and the MiddleEast. She holds a BA in Economics from Boston College and an MA in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University.

Justin Bennett

GIS Analyst

Aminta Spencer

Executive Assistant

Jamie Nixon

Communications Director

Communications Director Jamie Nixon comes to the Commission from the Washington State Department ofHealth where he served as Communications Consultant and Public InformationOfficer since September 2019. In that capacity, he was the communications liaison between the Center for Public Affairs and the Division for DiseaseControl and Health Statistics. The position placed him in the middle of theCOVID-19 pandemic response and made him a key member of the COVID-19 IncidentManagement Team’s Public Information Office. Nixon also worked for 4.5 years asa Communications Specialist at the Washington State Legislature managing several high-profile communication efforts, including the 2018 package of election reforms. He also has been an elected member of the Fircrest CityCouncil since 2018. Nixon has an MA in Communications and Leadership from Gonzaga University and a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences from theUniversity of Washington.

Sean Murray

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator Sean Murray comes to the commission having supported theWashington State Senate and four committees in the first-ever all-virtual legislative session. In that capacity, he has also provided technical support to the Redistricting Commission as it got off he ground and held virtual public meetings. Prior to his Senate experience, he was Marketing Director forOperation Red Dot developing strategies for online marketing and producing short- and long-form video and audio content. Murray is a U.S. Army veteran and is currently enrolled in Central Washington University

Daniel Pailthorp

Public Outreach Coordinator

Public Outreach Coordinator Daniel Pailthorp has worked on campaigns throughout Washington state, giving him an intimate level of familiarity with the state. The 2020 campaign cycle, in particular, challenged him to do outreach and mobilization in rural communities of the 19th Legislative District in the midst of a pandemic, which is useful experience in spearheading public outreach in this redistricting cycle. He has also organized in and managed constituency outreach efforts for Senators, Representatives, and State Senators from Seattle, Spokane, Walla Walla, and the 10th Congressional District. He received a BA in Politics from Whitman College in 2018 where he, interestingly, did a study on the concept of “communities of interests” as defined in Washington’s redistricting statute as compared to other U.S. states.

Maria Garza

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Maria Garza has served for the last three legislative sessions as a committee assistant or clerk at the Washington State Senate, working with the HumanServices, Reentry and Rehabilitation Committee, the Early Learning and K-12Education Committee, the Higher Education Committee, and the Local GovernmentCommittee. This session, she was particularly helpful in launching theRedistricting Commission with agenda planning and publishing, facilitation ofZoom meetings and public testimony, preparation of minutes, and navigation of the Washington State Register and Code Revising process. She has an Associate of Arts degree from South Puget Sound Community College and is currently enrolled at Evergreen State College.

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