Washington State Redistricting Commission Report to the Legislature Available Now

Washington State Redistricting Commission

Commission approved maps are available the public. You can download district files, the Legislative Report, and access our interactive dashboard to explore proposed districts.

Thank you to the thousands of citizens that engaged with the redistricting process.

Under the leadership of the most diverse Commission ever appointed, staff executed a public outreach campaign to solicit the people for their input into the mapping process. Participation in the 2021 redistricting process was historic, and unprecedented. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Commission approved maps are now available to the public.

Commission hasmade their approved district maps available online for the public. You can access the maps and additional data now.

How does the redistricting process work?

Redistricting happens once every ten years, and the Commission is appointed to redraw election maps.

The 2021 Washington State Redistricting Commission is creating Washington’s new congressional and legislative districts based on 2020 census data. Watch our video to learn how you and your community can participate in the process.

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